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Gender and Diversity

Creating Engagement in a Diverse Workforce

According to the Global Human Capital Trends 2016 report, “employee engagement is a headline issue throughout business and HR.” Fully 85 percent of survey respondents ranked engagement as a top priori...

Gender and Diversity

Diversity & Inclusion: An Overview

In corporate America, a common mission, vision, and purpose in thought and action across all levels of an organization is of the utmost importance to bottom line success, but at the same time, so is t...


Promoting Employee Well-Being

Research shows that employee health status directly influences work behavior, attendance and on-the-job performance. High-performance companies clearly understand the human-capital-driven health and w...

Organizational Structure


The single biggest challenge cited by companies in any industry is access to talent. Good management practices are therefore required to recruit and retain staff effectively, and develop the future le...