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Data Infrastructure

Ring Central | Office User Guide

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Data Infrastructure

Build resilient data pipelines

The Enigma Concourse data operations platform is designed 
 to build data pipelines that are easy to maintain. Concourse provides greater visibility into ingestion, improves error resilience with minimal human intervention, and equips developers 

Data Infrastructure

An Introduction to Data Management

Data management concerns the dealing with data in the scientific context. Often, more importance is given to results, analysis and derived conclusion than to the data themselves. However, data are a product of the science enterprise and are more an...


Artificial Intelligence in Internet of Things

Functioning of the Internet is persistently transforming from the Internet of Computers (IoC) to the “Internet of Things (IoT).” Furthermore, massively interconnected systems, also known as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) are emerging from the assimil...

Data Tools

Mastering Data Warehouse Design

Welcome to the first book that thoroughly describes the data modeling techniques used in constructing a multipurpose, stable, and sustainable data warehouse used to support business intelligence (BI). This chapter introduces the data warehouse by de...

Data Tools

Digital transformation through data

Digital innovation has reshaped the news and media industry. The transition from print to digital started more than two decades ago, and the changes to news and media companies during this time have been dramatic. Few publications still exist as prin...

IT Infrastructure

The AI-enhanced customer experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is unleashing a new approach for customer experience (CX) strategy, design and development. We haven’t seen change on this scale since the internet transformed print professionals into digital pioneers. But the timeline f...