2019 Benefits overview


Aetna 2019 Benefits overview for regular U.S. employees

At Aetna, we talk a lot about building a healthier world. If we’re going to truly deliver on this mission, we need to acknowledge that health is more than the absence of illness. It’s built through everyday habits and comprises many factors. 

That’s why we’ve entered into a five-year research partnership with faculty at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health to study the determinants of well-being. When we understand these drivers, we can better support those we serve — beginning with our employees.

Learn more about how we’re redefining well-being around six dimensions and the programs we offer to support employees across these areas.

physical health

Being sufficiently healthy to be able to carry out the important tasks in life now and into the future

emotional health

Being satisfied with life, having good mental health and being able to deal with difficult emotions

financial security

Having sufficient financial resources to be able to pursue one’s life goals and not overly worry about making ends meet 

social connectedness

Having close, meaningful and supportive relationships, and being respected by and connected to community


Having a sense of meaning in life, a direction to one’s activities and pursuing what is most important

character strengths

Having consistent thoughts and actions that contribute to the good of oneself and others

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