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Data Infrastructure

Build resilient data pipelines

The Enigma Concourse data operations platform is designed 
 to build data pipelines that are easy to maintain. Concourse provides greater visibility into ingestion, improves error resilience with minimal human intervention, and equips developers 

Data Infrastructure

An Introduction to Data Management

Data management concerns the dealing with data in the scientific context. Often, more importance is given to results, analysis and derived conclusion than to the data themselves. However, data are a product of the science enterprise and are more an...

Data Infrastructure

best practices for successful multi-cloud management

A multi-cloud world is quickly becoming the new normal for many enterprises. But embarking on a cloud journey and managing cloud-based services across multiple providers can seem overwhelming. Even the term multi-cloud can be confusing. Multi-cloud i...

Data Infrastructure

The Complete Guide to CRM Data Strategy

Advances in machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) are causing AI-enabled technology to rapidly gain traction in sales and marketing organizations. In B2B sales and marketing organizations, this trend is tied to the rise of account-ba...

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