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Data availability without limits

In today’s economy, most businesses require instant data access. With more applications being identified as mission- or business-critical, data protection and availability are more important than ever. In this white paper, you’ll learn about the req...

IT Infrastructure

Modernize IT with Hybrid Cloud

Every business is expected to deliver results at the speed of ideas. The challenge for organizations is how to support this new velocity and scalability without forfeiting application compatibility and security postures, all improving application per...

IT Infrastructure

Architecting for the Cloud: AWS Best Practices

Migrating applications to AWS, even without significant changes (an approach known as lift and shift), provides organizations with the benefits of a secure and cost-efficient infrastructure. However, to make the most of the elasticity and agility tha...

IT Security

Industrial Cyber Security Risk Manager

Unlike just a few years ago, leadership teams across today’s Industrial organizations are under immense pressure to get ahead of cyber security, or face serious fines or business damage. Advisory boards are increasingly asking cyber preparedness ques...

Networking and Communications

Enterprise Cloud Strategy

Defining correct enterprise cloud strategy is a complex task that is easy to understand but hard to master. That is why the Enterprise Cloud Strategy book represents one of the best publications for cloud experts who want to learn how to shape the ef...

IT Security

Information Security Management Handbook

Traditionally, the preface for this handbook focuses on the evolving landscape of the security profession, highlighting industry trends such as the burgeoning impact of privacy laws and regulations, emerging technologies that challenge de facto secur...

Networking and Communications

Introducing Network Design Concepts

Network designers ensure that our communications networks can adjust and scale to the demands for new services To support our network-based economy, designers must work to create networks that are available nearly 100 percent of the time. Informat...

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