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Start describing yourself by identifying your skills. Like most people, you probably have more skills than you give yourself credit for. Skills are often divided into two categories: • work-specific or technical skills, such as knowing how to use a specific software program, repair a diesel engine or teach a math class • employability or transferable skills, which are the more general skills and qualities you need to succeed in virtually every work situation The following exercises will help you find the language to describe your skills to potential employers. Later, when you put together your resumé and cover letter or prepare for an interview, you can refer to these exercises for descriptive words and phrases.

When you're thinking about skills, don't limit yourself to those you use professionally. Include the skills you've acquired through volunteering, managing a household or taking part in recreational, sports or artistic activities. The average person uses 500 to 800 skills on a regular basis!

Advanced Techniques for Work Search takes you through the process involved in a typical work search by providing information, examples and exercises.

• Preparing for Your Work Search will help you identify your relevant skills, accomplishments and work preferences and describe them effectively. This part also offers suggestions for identifying and researching potential employers.

• Marketing Yourself will help you present your product (yourself). This section provides guidelines for connecting with employers and creating resumés, cover letters and other tools that will show employers you have what they are looking for.

• Preparing for the Interview will show you how to present yourself effectively and how to create a positive impression when you meet face-to-face with prospective employers.

  Strategies for Success will offer suggestions for dealing with emotional, financial and other challenges related to searching for work.

You don't have to read the publication cover to cover in order to benefit from it. For example, if you already know what skills you have and the kind of work you want, you may decide to begin with Marketing Yourself. Or if you need help dealing with the emotional ups and downs of a typical job loss before starting your work search. you may want to start with Strategies for Success. You may want to spend more time on some areas and less on others. Use the detailed Table of Contents to find topics and exercises that apply to your specific work search needs. Throughout the publication, you'll find references to useful websites and other resources with further information on a variety of topics.

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