Build resilient data pipelines


The Enigma Concourse data operations platform is designed 
 to build data pipelines that are easy to maintain. Concourse provides greater visibility into ingestion, improves error resilience with minimal human intervention, and equips developers 
 with the tooling they need for consistent data ingestion. Born out of Enigma’s own needs as we continuously onboard 
 and update 100,000 public datasets from thousands of sources 
 to power our business, Concourse is a platform that Fortune 500 companies and leading financial services firms depend on to acquire and apply data at scale.

Concourse at a glance

Gain complete transparency into the datasets flowing through your pipelines and 
 the errors that occur along the way. Concourse is designed to maximize maintainability, enabling you to manage unpredictable data sources and streamline data operations. 
 Rely on precise error alerting and resolution capabilities that notify you when pipelines breaks and provide assistance for resolving errors quickly.

Be ready for any format, source, or destination with the Concourse. From on-boarding 100,000 public datasets or ingesting data from a leading manufacturer’s factories around the globe, Concourse gets data where it needs to be. Acquire data by building pipelines with proven tooling. Then automate and autoscale your data delivery thanks to advanced scheduling and dynamic provisioning capabilities.



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