Successful Public Speaking


Does the opportunity of delivering a speech in front of a large audience sound just as appealing as a visit to the dentist? Or do you feel pretty comfortable when talking in public but you are still looking for ways to improve your skills and get even better at motivating, engaging, persuading, presenting, and educating other people? In each case, you will benefit from reading "Successful Public Speaking". In this book you will find out how to: - connect with your audience - dramatically improve your speaking presence - overcome public speaking anxiety - respond appropriately to your audience's needs - hone your non-verbal communication skills - add a visual dimension to your presentation - capture your listeners' attention and interest - create a killer business presentation step-by-step - avoid common, yet costly public speaking mistakes

"Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively." — Gerald R. Ford Communications in its multiple forms pervades today's business environment. With numerous job interviews, conference calls, meetings, product presentations, workshops, and public events, more and more leaders realize the importance of developing good interpersonal communication skills within their company. Yet the majority of executives and employees continue to neglect and overlook the use of public speaking, leaving the advancements and better career opportunities for those who take proactive steps to master the art of speaking in public. The truth is that you might have the best products or services, years of experience or an outstanding business idea, but if you do not communicate this to your target audiences, you are limiting your effectiveness. All too often, the very best and inspiring stories in organizations and companies go untold because of people's reluctance to or fear of taking the stage. Whether your goal is to enhance your professional growth, take your business to the next level, or inspire, persuade and motivate other people to follow your lead, you will have to learn how to convey your ideas in front of a group of people in a clear, structured and captivating manner. However, becoming an effective public speaker does not have to turn into one of the necessary, yet unpleasant goals on your professional advancement list. The art of public speaking holds many practical benefits that go far beyond delivering a project presentation or holding a successful meeting.

Developing your communication skills and learning to speak in public:

  • Opens up new opportunities for career advancement
  • Positions you as an authority
  • Sets you apart from your competition
  • Attracts the right customers to your business
  • Presents technical or business information effectively
  • Produces a faster sales cycle
  • Allows you to effectively market your business or promote your products to larger audiences
  • Improves internal communication
  • Helps you to easily assume leadership and train others
  • Increases employees' productivity
  • Prepares you for spontaneous speaking challenges (e.g. delivering a speech at short notice)
  • Establishes greater credibility and helps your clients' loyalty


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